Planning your dream garden or homestead

The birds are out flitting about today, a light breeze rustling thru the leaves and creating gentle waves on the lake – it is so good to see the lake thawed again! In the background, the rooster crows while squirrel scutter about. January thaw always feels so good! I just soak up the sunshine likeContinue reading “Planning your dream garden or homestead”

A new chapter – a new homestead!

Leaving our little mountain home behind was bittersweet for sure, but we were headed on to greener pastures- literally. The new larger property and home will enable us to learn about and cultivate a wider variety of plants, explore new DIY projects and growing methods, enhance our product line with more healing garden-to-body offerings, have a workshop and studio, maybe even start a local farm-stand, and so much more! And of course, I’m thrilled to document the transformation of a new garden space with you all! We feel incredibly blessed to have this new opportunity with room to grow, in every sense of the word.