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Albert Einstein

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All Natural Survival Kit

Children or no children, it is important to always have a natural first aid kit close by! You honestly never know when you might need something to treat sudden illness or an unexpected injury. Especially nowadays in the covid-19 chaos. Some call it a bug-out kit or a survival kit, either way I find a kit of handy remedies is useful all the time – for everyday situations not just emergencies.
Below are the essentials I carry with me. I hope this gives you ideas for creating your own.

10 Ways Forests Make You Feel Better

The use of the outdoors for well-being is becoming increasingly popular as we discover more and more the benefits of natural medicine, clean forest air and our interaction with our environment. Everyday more studies are released on the benefits ecotherapy has on children, teenagers and adults, relieving stress, decreasing ADD, ADHD and various mental health illnesses and well as helping our bodies fight illness and dis-ease.

Read more below to see some of the ways forests can help promote human wellness.

Bananas For Sleep

Did you know that bananas can help you sleep? Banana Cinnamon Sleepy Tea in 3 easy steps!

Tea Time

Tea time, in my opinion, is one wonderful tradition that has unfortunately gone to the wayside in our busy modern world. It may be the saving grace to our hectic lives, our overwhelming schedules and to-do lists. To take a moment to sit down in peace with friends or associates and have mid-afternoon pick-me-up snack.Continue reading “Tea Time”

Why Gardening is Good for Your Mental Health

There are various scientific studies that show the benefits of humans connecting to nature. Gardening is even more healthy for you than you thought! It’s not just physical health that improves with gardening, but studies now show there are many mental benefits as well.


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