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Planning your dream garden or homestead

The birds are out flitting about today, a light breeze rustling thru the leaves and creating gentle waves on the lake – it is so good to see the lake thawed again! In the background, the rooster crows while squirrel scutter about. January thaw always feels so good! I just soak up the sunshine like…

A new chapter – a new homestead!

Leaving our little mountain home behind was bittersweet for sure, but we were headed on to greener pastures- literally. The new larger property and home will enable us to learn about and cultivate a wider variety of plants, explore new DIY projects and growing methods, enhance our product line with more healing garden-to-body offerings, have a…

Herb Garden Ideas

Customize your container garden by planting favorites together. Growing flowers and herbs in the same pot, also referred to as container gardening, can be a fun and interesting hobby with a huge benefit for your culinary tastes: delicious and nutritious ingredients for your favorite recipes.

All Natural Survival Kit

Children or no children, it is important to always have a natural first aid kit close by! You honestly never know when you might need something to treat sudden illness or an unexpected injury. Especially nowadays in the covid-19 chaos. Some call it a bug-out kit or a survival kit, either way I find a…

10 Ways Forests Make You Feel Better

The use of the outdoors for well-being is becoming increasingly popular as we discover more and more the benefits of natural medicine, clean forest air and our interaction with our environment. Everyday more studies are released on the benefits ecotherapy has on children, teenagers and adults, relieving stress, decreasing ADD, ADHD and various mental health…


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